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What Miracle Mile Records and its artist do – promotion, marketing, bookings, production, recording, project planning, design, and media opportunities. Miracle Mile Records is currently looking to establish relationships with artists with an existing repertoire of work or future album projects that would have genre based relations to Americana, roots (rock, country, blues), indie, folk, and singer-songwriter types of music to join our roster. We are here to support your creativity and investment as a recording and performing artist and that’s why "Artists Live Here." Please click on the artists tab above to listen, watch or purchase music and follow these artists and bands on social media, go to a show, and we here at Miracle Mile Records welcome you and hope you will join us and our vision for the enjoyment of fantastic music!

  • MMR supports passionate independent artists with singular sounds and voices.

  • MMR allows the songs to speak for themselves.

  • MMR believes that our fans spark the fuel to make music a catalyst to the world.

  • MMR focuses on high quality recordings and artists alike.

Miracle Mile Records is a promotion company and independent record label supporting independent artists who produce amazing work. Established in 2014, in Redding, California, Miracle Mile Records hosts a roster of artists and albums. Miracle Mile Records' objective is to expand the opportunities and showcase the talents of our artists and bring on new projects and musicians under this collective umbrella and community both regionally and globally.