Alvord Brothers

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Alvord Brothers (2019)

Introducing the Alvord Brothers and their self-titled debut album! Alvord Brothers is a powerhouse garage rock, back alley 10-song album led by songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Brendon Alvord and his band family Kevin Alvord (bass), Derek “Moss” Alvord (drums), and Sierra Monae (vocals). This marks their first full length studio album and was produced by Morgan Hannaford (Muletown, Jim Dyar Band, Honeybee, Across the Grain). 

Alvord Brothers showcases Brendon’s poignant songwriting, guitar riffs and the band’s groove as they take you on a journey to the other side of present day American culture and all its beautiful imperfections. This album comes out of the gate with swinging thump and roll as we’re welcomed to the band’s stage. On the infectious first single Build It Back Up, we’re introduced to Sierra Monae’s harmonies and the bands signature hooks that stay in your head for days. Leading right into Kisses And Hugs, another heavy hitter, that showcases the unique and recognizable songwriting cadence that Alvord has been giving fans live for a good dozen years in Northern California. There’s a vulnerable and telling side that makes this album whole with Mountainside “it’s been a long time since my fears have been laid to rest” and Same as You, a ballad fronted by Monae “oh babe I’m a lot like you, I get lonely too” that could be mistaken for a lost Nashville classic.

These songs speak for themselves with intoxicating melodies, beautiful harmonies, and the backbone of bass & drums that makes this a road worthy, wash, rinse and repeat long player.

Recorded at Kanaka Canyon - Igo, CA.  Mixed and mastered by Bruce Turgon at After Hours Recorders - Redding, CA.  All songs arranged by Alvord Brothers. All songs Copyright © 2019 Brendon Alvord (BMI), except "Same as You" by B. Alvord / S. Monae (BMI) – All Rights Reserved. Cover art by Michael Uhlenkott