Various Artists

The little record that could!

Miracle Mile Records presents its first compilation album "Cats, Dogs & Pollywogs" in November 2016. It is a wildly fun project that features 11 independent acts and may not be suitable for all adults! Available in CD and mp3 format this project has been very popular with families and folks of all ages. Produced by Morgan Hannaford, contributing artists include:

David Martin Wheeler  |  Honeybee

Jim Dyar  |  Rainy Day Picnic

Eddie Sadler  |  Mark Perko

Jonathan Foster  |  Taylor Aglipay

Nick Ciampi  |  Wild Bill

Bruce Turgon

The track list includes songs about animals, friends, sleep, responsibility, manners, dancing, nature, exploring, luck, imagination pets, and cleanliness that will get you moving and singing along! 

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Cats, Dogs & Pollyogs

Congrats to Honeybee on their 2016 ISC finalist selection and honorable mention for their song Don't Stay In Your Jammies All Day that appears on Cats, Dogs & Pollywogs! 

Various Artists (2016)

11-song compilation album by your favorite independent songwriters that may not be suitable for all adults!