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Vanished In The Blue (2017)

Photo by Lindsay Lane

Harmonica Steve



Harmonica Steve’s Vanished In The Blue is ready for prime time! What began as songs for his unique and established harmonica playing morphed into lyrics, vocals, other instrumentation and players to form a full length album with some pomp. “It was a time in my life for all this to come together”.

Blue has a touch of rock songwriter angst mixed with personal dilemmas to delicate moments of reflection. It is influenced from the social and music scene of the Bay Area’s past with modern day themes related to life’s situations, has a little edge and what’s best it’s authentic.

At 67 years young, you don’t expect anyone to release their debut album, but this child of the 60’s has demonstrated once again that age is only a number and old dogs have new tricks. Recorded, mixed and mastered at After Hours Recorders in Redding, CA the 11-song album is infused with a variety of genres including folk, country and roots rock. Joined by songwriting partner Brittany Butcher (harmony vocals, rhythm guitar) on five tracks, the project also includes a dazzling duet with Mary Ann Coty and guest appearances by Scott Joss (fiddle), Bruce Turgon (guitars, keys, and percussion), Michael Bockelman (lap steel and lead guitars), Chris Cheek (harmony vocals), Hal Johnson (harmony vocals), Diana Wallis (harmony vocals and rhythm guitar), Emma Anderson (harmony Vocals), Joe Blythe (lead acoustic guitar), and SamiJo Meyer (rhythm guitar and harmony vocals).Type your paragraph here.

“Grabs you by the scruff of the neck and throws you down Tom Petty lane” – Peter Newton

This is the unfolding, the free before the fall