Lover's Lilt (2020)

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Leia Anneliese

Introducing Leia Anneliese and her debut, 13-song album Lover’s Lilt, arriving everywhere January 7, 2020! Leia Anneliese (pronounced LEE-uh Ah-nuh-LEES) is an up and coming singer-songwriter and guitarist from San Clemente who now calls the Trinity Mountains of Northern California home. Lover’s Lilt is a personal journey built from the bricks of vulnerability whose melodies resemble blooming roses. On this long-player you can hear the influences of iconic female artists that have inspired Leia including Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, Tori Amos, and Sheryl Crow. She shares stories about love, be it present, lost, questioned or found again. The album’s tone explores numerous genres including folk pop in Easy to Love You, Oh Dear Boy and the first single Smallest Child, to toe tapping Americana-bluegrass in Lease On a Loved One. Leia bares her fragility with You Are Human and When I Was Younger with its gut punching imagery “those shaking sobs against my car door”, revealing some of her most personal moments of insecurity and heartbreak. Her emotional and thoughtfully chosen lyrics remain a constant throughout the project and culminate with “just love and cherish everyday” on the beautiful closer A Creature.

“I’m excited to be working with Miracle Mile Records, a ‘for artists, by artists’ label based in Redding, California” and Leia intends to promote Lover's Lilt throughout the western United States in 2020. These new songs will be available in CD, streaming and download formats at all popular online retailers including

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Taylor Aglipay, Weaverville, California. Produced by Leia Anneliese & Taylor Aglipay

Photo by Lindsay Lane of Vivid Lens

Release shows: Jan 31, 2020, Lewiston Hotel in Lewiston, CA & Feb 1, 2020, Art Loft in Redding, CA