Furry folklore & positive friction

Santa Barbara born indie artist, Mark Perko, was

transplanted from the big city and sank roots into the wilderness of far northern California, where you’ll find his music echoing through the Trinity Alps like a lone wolf howling at the International Spacestation.  His songs are earnest and honest as a campfire, silly as your delaminating boot soles and - if smoke truly follows beauty - his release, ‘UFOs Bigfoot and Christmas’ is smoke in your ears for sure.

As a songwriter, Perko is a firm believer in “form following function”, adjusting style and genre to strengthen the particular artistic topic, whether it be audio, visual or supernatural.

Aspiring to be an agent for positive change, you’ll find Perko’s collection of songs in the holiday, non-holiday, fictional, non-fictional, folklore, true stories and space folk sections of the international library of music.  Mark wrote all the songs and covers all the instruments on this 11-track effort including lead vocals, guitars, ukuleles, bass and percussion, joined by Kimberly Piazza on backing vocals. UFOs Bigfoot and Christmas was recorded at the Music Cabin, Junction City, CA and mastered by the SoundLab ™ at Disc Makers Pennsauken, NJ.

In his latest effort – the unreleased “Campfires Above” – Perko will be inviting listeners to a fireside jam. Stay tuned for your invitation to the release blaze on Miracle Mile Records!

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UFOs Bigfoot And Christmas (2010)

Mark Perko