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Hey Karma (May 9, 2017)

Nostalgically modern folk

Starlite Drive-In Saturday

Night (2012)

Michael Gaither

Spotted Mule and Other

Tales (2006)

Dogspeed (2009)

Hailing from the Central California coast singer-songwriter Michael Gaither approaches “write what you know” with grace and conviction on his 2012 release "Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night". Gaither creates images with his songs that showcase the nostalgia of small-town Americana in a modern world and his music carries a pleasing quality that draws the listener in close.

Joining Michael (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) on Starlite is Brynn Albanese (violin), Aaron Bagchee (electric guitar), Breanna Eddy (harmony), Dayan Kai (percussion, keys, guitar and vocals), Steve Kritzer (mandolin), and Steve Uccello (stand-up bass). Starlite was produced by Dayan Kai; engineered by Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Studios, Santa Cruz, CA and mastered by Tim Prince at Ridgetop Sound, Aptos, CA.

Offstage, Michael produces and hosts the “Songs and Stories” podcast, which features stories behind his songs and interviews with other independent songwriters.

​“Michael Gaither’s new release, "Starlite Drive In Saturday Night,” is a brilliant and unique contribution to the field of Folk/Americana. It means something extra special to those of us on the oft-neglected left coast. “Starlite…” contains several gems, including the dog/wolf story “Charlie and Chloe” which made me cry. This is an album that shifts back and forth in time from the very contemporary “She’s More Connected” to the nostalgic title track. It grows with every repeated listening and does not have a bad track. Buy it and wear it out.”
(David Stafford, KKUP Radio, Cupertino CA)​​