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Thanks for your interest in Miracle Mile Records. To ensure we’ll be a good fit for each other, please read the following and provide some additional information when contacting us!

What we’re looking for:

We’re interested in original and creative independent artists with quality recording projects who want to help us bring music to the North State community and beyond in new and creative ways. We’re interested in supporting projects and artists related to Americana, roots (rock, country, blues), folk, indie, and singer-songwriter genres. We’re looking for artists that are already committed do-it-yourself musicians with an existing presence and demonstrated abilities.

What we CAN do for you:

Social and web presence help, promotion assistance, special show opportunities, booking assistance, studio and venue relationships, audio and video production, graphics, a third party voice for your work, honest feedback on A&R, and a dedicated and demonstrated grassroots team.

What we CAN’T do for you:

We do not offer publishing, copyright, distribution, or recording contracts. Our artists maintain their independence and are not bound by a contract. We do ask for a signed mutual artist/label agreement. We cannot fund your studio time, pay your bills, be your manager, booking agent, or designer, make you more talented, or run your band.

Please assist us in getting to know you by providing the following information.

Your Name:

Stage or band name:

Where you live / work:

How do you describe your sound?

What do you bring to a label of other independent artists; any special skills or experience (audio, video, promo, connections, touring, other bands)?

Let us know about any existing recording projects, where and how they were recorded, and where we can listen to them (or purchase them):

Tell us about any future recordings and upcoming shows you’re planning:

Do you have a website?

What social media do you use to promote your music (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube)?

Anything else we should know?

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