Straight Shooter (2016)

Ciampi (1974)

Music from an American troubadour

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Boomerang (2014)

Preaching the truth with insightful lyrics, distinct vocals, and tasty blues arrangements, the Nick Ciampi Band shines on its 2014 release Boomerang. Longtime northern California musician and songwriter Nick Ciampi’s compositions come to life with Marty Tully (lead guitar), George Ertl (drums), Eddie “Boo Boo” Belnas (Bass),Gary Zimmerman (Horns), Adam Friesen (Piano), with guest appearances by Bruce Turgon (bass) and others.Recorded at After Hours Recorders, Redding, CA. 

For over five decades Nick has never let go of
his guitar or his songs, and embodies the dedicated do-it-yourself musician. Growing up
in the San Francisco Bay Area in the ‘60s and settling down in Redding for the last 15 years, music is all that matters to Nick and it can be heard on his latest recording. Fortunate for us, Nick Ciampi Band is back with a new full length release coming soon in summer of 2016!

“I consider Nick one of the best unheralded songwriters in America” – Mike (review on CD Baby)

The Nick Ciampi Band