During the global pandemic in April 2020 we partnered with After Five Magazine to present a month long concert series that we'll never forget; big thanks to all the artists for sharing their craft and hope with the world for all of us to tune in and listen. Here is a snapshot of the event and scroll all the way down for the article:

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Here is our Best of the Supper & Songs Awards.
Congratulations to our winners and participants (awards should be deposited as “IRS refund” in your accounts - we surely wish we could do more)

The First to Beer & Play- Dave Bradley
The First Couple’d in Place - Anna Jae w/ David Harris
Best Artist Collab - Chad Bushnell
Best Album Release in Quarantine - Mark McAbee
First Top Fan Comment Battle - Jonathan Foster
Best Location - Merit Parcel
Best Saxophone Solo and Singing in French - Allison & Victor
Best History Lesson - Rita Hosking w/ Sean Feder
Best Rolling with the Flow of Technology - Joe Steele
Best Product Placement - Pine Dogz Unleashed
Best Use of an Animal in Song - Rainy Day Picnic
Most Creative Venue - Honeybee
Most Elegant - Leia Anneliese
Most Cheers! - Jim Dyar w/ Keli Tims
Best New Band Name - Uno, Dos, Frese!
Best at meeting deadlines during a pandemic - Jon Lewis
Keeping the music alive - After Five’s Ron Harrington
Best tots & display of After Five - Woody’s Brewing Co
Best Soup - Carnegies
Best Pizza - Mini Max’s
Best Cocktails to go - Vintage
Best Salsa - El Zarape
Best wine during a pandemic - Burnsini’s “Friends”
Thanks to all the venues that support these and other independent artists, we miss you and can’t wait for your calendars to resume sooner than later. Also, to the bands that’s are on hold, we feel ya and look forward to hearing you again soon!
We raise our proverbial glasses and would like to acknowledge everyone serving the public during shelter in place and helping our community survive, be healthy, and safe.
Thanks to everyone for sharing the event calendar and tuning in and special thanks to Hal Johnson at A News Cafe and to the folks at the Redding Weekly Facebook page for sharing all the shows!
It’s been our pleasure to serve you music all month long with After Five Magazine, albeit not ideal during these days. It was truly a great escape for 15 nights. Another round of applause to all the performers for sharing their talents free of charge and giving us all a break from so much uncertainty.
Until we meet again, happy trails and stay well - cheers to music - J&S at MMR